We deliver the road bike, and we pick it up again.
Accessories such as Tube, bicycle helmet, clothing etc. are available.
It's the easiest way to rent a road bike in Salzburg.

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Rent a Road Bike in Salzburg

Suggested Tours

Route-1: Salzburg - Lake Fuschl - St.Gilgen - Lake Mondsee - Salzburg | Map
A wonderful hilly route with Mountain Views, crystal clear lakes - 1000m alt, 85k, no mountains to climb.

Route-2: Salzburg - Hallstatt - Golling - Salzburg | Map
The village Hallstatt is such an unbelievably spectacular place - visit it ! 1400m alt, 160k.
Alternatively you can ride to hallstatt only, and with the public bus back to Salzburg - bicycles allowed in the bus.

Route-3: Salzburg - Rossfeld - Lake Koenigssee - Bayerisch Gmain - Salzburg | Map
Ride via the southern part of Salzburg to the Rossfeld Mountain, continue to Bavaria to the Lake Koenigsse,
next Bayerisch Gmain, back to Salzburg. 800m alt, 70k.

Route-4: Salzburg - Gaisberg - Elsbethen - Salzburg | Map
Climb the Gaisberg ! It's the favourite Mountain of all roadbikers in Salzburg - close to the city.700m alt, 26k.

Route-5: Salzburg - Lake Obertrum - Lake Wallersee - Lake Mattsee - Lake Grabensee | Map
Large Lake Tour. Enjoy the 4 Lake Tour. 830m alt, 125k.

Route-6: Salzburg - Guggenthal - Gaisberg - Elsbethen - Hallein - Rossfeld - Berchtesgaden - Salzburg | Map
The hard turn - 1500m alt, 80k