We deliver the road bike, and we pick it up again.
Accessories such as Tube, bicycle helmet, clothing etc. are available.
It's the easiest way to rent a road bike in Salzburg.

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Rent a Road Bike in Salzburg

Rent a Road Bike: Step 1

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Call us: +436764355950
or email:
How big are you ?
Do you need some accessories ?
What's the adress of your Hotel or Airbnb ?
Do you need special equipment ?
When should we deliver the bike?

Rent a Road Bike: Step 2

Free Delivering of the Road Bike
We deliver the bicycle to your address.
We make the settings like saddle height, pedals mount etc - give us 5 minutes !
Your bike is fitted with :
Tools, extra tube,lock and a pump.
Have a good Trip !

Rent a Road Bike: Step 3

Free Pick Up of the Road Bike
Call or text us with your desired Pickup Time.
Please no later than 8pm.
Please not earlier than 7am.
Hope to see you in Salzburg !


  Rent 1 day   49 Euro
  Rent 1 week 249 Euro
  Delivery / Pickup free of charge
  Helmet free of charge
  Click Pedals free of charge
  Cycling Pants, T-Shirts, Bottles, maps on request

The bikes are equipped with : Tools, extra tube,bicycle-lock and a pump.

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